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SETOPFUEL’S founder and CEO Jim Gonzalez, has worked in the advertising/marketing industry for well over 20 years in the capacities of Vice President, President, Owner and CEO. As a result, he understands what it takes to make a successful online advertising campaign which is cutting edge, while embracing online and offline maketing efforts, as well as onsite and offsite advertising mediums. SEO Companies primarily focus on three key areas, Onsite Optimization, Content Generation, and Link Building. As a Leader in the SEO Advertising Company which focuses on Smart Intenet Advertisng Methods the world of Search Engine Optimization is not so simple anymore. Nowadays it requires many aspects which include social media optimization to enagege with your clients not just Link Building but rather Organically Creating Unique Content and Socially Sharing. Every piece of contextual content must offer a Value Propostion and a Call to Action. Website Ouners need to view their message as what's in it for your customers to share, like, follow, your content.

Onsite Optimization is the service of providing corrective programming and coding of a website to be recognized by all major search engines namely, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most SEO companies limit their focus of the functionality of a particular website in terms of site architectural analysis to examining whether url’s are friendly and checking load times, while neglecting to probe into other key factors essential for Good Website Online Optimization. The need to go beyond this is simple, yet overlooked. The simple fact is search engines today go deeper into looking at how the website operates.  

Content Creation & Content Distribution is the process of ensuring that all the content on your website in terms of text conveys what your site is all about. Your site needs to focus on the search terms you want to be found for on the search engines as well as the synonyms of those search terms. Again, most SEO Companies primarily focus on the home page content and go no further. This is the main reason why internal pages of most websites do not rank on Google, largely due in part from a lack of content on the internal pages.  

Natural Linking - Natural Link Acquistion -Merit Based Links  or what is commonly referred to as creating natural links from unique content creation and social sharing though content disctribution channles is the third key area which SEO Companies focus their efforts. Too many of these so called SEO Companies do not strive for scrutinizing the relevancy of the link in relationship to the category of industry of your business model. The latest updates of Google, which embrace many changes into its algorithm, have a great impact on the trust factor which goes into a Natural Content Linking campaign. The old days of simply acquiring as many links from as many sites as you can are over. A site owner must do their best to earn merit based links by a variety methods to include writing stimulating content which attracts others to want to link to that website for its readership quality. This is not an easy task, and being a good writer is not enough. Each Page must offer a value to the user while offering a true call to action.

Penguin Recovery Process – Toxic Link Removal – As the rollout of updates for Penguin happen the need to ensure your website is not being associated with any link farms, low quality link directories, link networks which are considered Toxic Links. The need to remove or disavow toxic links from pointing to your website, become paramount. Google has issued harsh warnings for repeated violations to their Google Webmaster Guidelines. We will first evaluate all links, and domains to assess if there is a need to engage with Penguin Recovery Services, or not. After the evaluation of those links and or domains, we will then begin with an Anchor Text Evaluation to ensure you have proper anchor text being used and there are no over optimization of anchor texts being used as well. We then work on your behalf to reach out with Webmasters of those toxic links, and request they remove the links. Most will not, however, this is a step you cannot bypass. We document everything all emails, and correspondence for recordkeeping of our attempts. The final step is to file for a Disavow of those domains which would not be removed. We disavow at the domain level to ensure that “if” those toxic links try to reproduce those toxic links on sub-domains of their site they will have no effect since it’s been disavowed at the Domain Level. If you feel your site has lost tremendous amounts of traffic, or is doing poorly in the search engine rankings, then it’s a good idea to begin with a Backlink Assessment Evaluation.

Successful Content Based SEO or internet advertising companies otherwise know as Online Advertising Companies must think outside the box in terms of just the simple steps mentioned above. SEOTOPFUEL does exactly this. Advertising one time is foolish, SEO done one time is also foolish. In order to be effective in advertising, a Search Engine Optimization company must focus beyond the three key areas listed above. The reason once again is simple. Search Engines across the board have stepped- up their quality assurance teams, and for good reason, to ensure the quality and relevancy of your site being deemed worthy of first page visibility. If you think you’re going to maintain longstanding rankings on the first page just because you’ve taken care of the basic three steps, you are mistaken. Having a successful seo campaign involves much more. Companies in today’s marketplace need to be found not only online, but offline as well. This is achieved by a employing a variety of social media platforms, in turn creating viral stimulation surrounding your products and services. The simple rule of thumb is this: if you’re well known online, then you’re probably well known offline. Creating a bridge in advertising campaigns allows them to work together, thereby complementing and optimizing each other. This strategy also is often overlooked, creating a great void in the service of SEO. 

Smart Social Media Optimization We believe that any successful Social Media Campaign needs to be promoting your site, goods and or services every day, every week, every month. The logic behind this is quite simple really. Your potential customers are researching, looking, and buying every day. It only makes perfect sense that you strive to utilize Social Media as an added outreach in becoming a bit of an evangelist for your company. It allows you to grow beyond your circle of influence, and by growing your circle of influence you’re broadening your reach. You never know when a particular might buy, but you do know they are looking so don’t overlook and post every day. Smart Social Media Optimization has significant intrinsic value as it pertains to Search Engine Ranking Performance (SERP’s). The biggest mistake commonly done is to falsely believe that your customers will patiently wait around with one post a month until you’re ready to make another post next month. In order to engage your customers you must be equally engaged with constant promoting of Social Media Promotions.    

Embracing all of these methods of best practices brings about an evolution in Search Engine Optimization and is both essential and critical. All your advertising methods must work in unison with each other, bridging advertising dollars invested to full circle, maximizing return on investment. Doing otherwise and creating a barrier of commonality is simply not smart advertising or smart internet advertising.  

SEOTOPFUEL offers innovative, comprehensive, and out of the box solutions that produces results, rankings, and return on investment. Call us today and say good-bye to the cookie cutter SEO methodology of yesterday. Say hello to SEOTOPFUEL, Innovation by Innovators, and the leader in next generation advertising. Call now 877-736-1998, ask for a free webiste evaluation from one of our Smart Expert Online Advertising Marketng Executives.