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Let me begin by stating that my background has been in traditional advertising; Print, Direct Mail, Broadcast – Radio and Television. Over the past 10 years there has been a huge influence of the way people search for a company, product or service. Through the evolution of search, the consumer, whether it’s a business or an end user, has become smarter and wiser in the methods he or she chooses to get the results they’re looking for, and the manner of how and when they want the information. The introduction of the internet has brought the world closer together and the accessibility of products or services has never been so readily available to access. Traditional methods of advertising used by the Baby Boomer Generation are no longer enough to get the job done. In contrast, the X and Y generation have grown up in the era of information technology. This generation embodies the true meaning of letting your fingertips do the walking, except what were once the yellow pages is now the keyboard. The term ‘Smart Internet Advertising’ requires more than looking at how to better position your company on the internet via the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The race to first page rankings now requires and equal emphasis on embracing all social media to stimulate a viral sense of marketing, a huge factor in branding, product recognition, and awareness. Facebook Likes and Tweets equate to valuable publicity because of the general public becoming an evangelist if you will of your company, products and services. That being said, first page ranking alone is no longer enough to satisfy the search quest. The look and feel of your site must be attractive to the consumer. The functionality and user navigation must also be friendly. Does your site contain flash/video for the consumer who wants to quickly digest information by watching and learning? The scientific cognitive approach brings to mind the need for a value proposition, or call to action, which begs the question, “Is there one?”, or are these valuable marketing strategies lost in the body of your website? A successful company must present their site from the perspective of product/service recognition, ease of navigation, and legitimacy of being a sound company, while simultaneously focusing on the ease and variety of means to contact a company representative. A site must undergo testing to maximize functionality and performance in order to increase unique visitors and click through rate or impressions, while minimizing bounce ratio, which results in an increase on conversion rates. Nowadays, a company must utilize and embrace social media to assist in branding, and as I previously mentioned, establish viral marketing. Do not concern yourself with the idea of social media being something that you can easily monetize in hard data. Find confidence knowing the search engines index the unique content on public pages & business pages allows for more searchable results you have for your ultimate objective: Branding, Traffic, Ranking on search engines, and Profitability. A company must be willing to invest into their company from the standpoint of Smart Internet Advertising which is essential in today’s ever evolving market of tough competition. In time, real estate on the internet will all be virtual, meaning you don’t need to be located in the vicinity of the consumer, but rather, merely be visible to the consumer via the search results or social media platforms. Smart Internet Advertising is an ambiguous term, yet has a definite connotation which clearly defines actions drawn from intelligence and thus eliminating ignorance i.e. Artificial Intelligence. To assume as companies have done in the past, that having a product is the same as selling the product, has never been further from the truth. One must now focus to improve all aspects of their company’s infrastructure which encompasses customer service, pricing, and delivering the products or goods in the timeliest fashion. Moreover, a company must encourage good customer feedback in terms of positive reviews, as these are becoming ever increasingly popular when searching a company, product or service. I would encourage others to share their thoughts and comment about the evolution of the term ‘Smart Internet Advertising’ below. Prior to founding SEOTOPFUEL, L.L.C, I was the President of the leading company on Google for the services of Internet Advertising Company. In addition, I held the title Vice President of yet another well known SEO Company. However, I am here today writing this blog announcing to the world the creation of my own SEO Company which embraces Smart Internet Advertising. I have started something HUGE, something over looked in the industry, a void of service if you will. While all of the companies I have worked for have been great companies and provided a valuable service. I bring to the table something more. Namely, I bring my experience in advertising and more importantly, in internet advertising via a broader and clearer perspective than any company I have been associated with in the past. My company, SEOTOPFUEL, L.L.C. is unlike any other, in that it refuses to cling to a philosophy which is quickly becoming archaic and no longer effective. As the founder and CEO of SEOTOPFUEL L.L.C., I ask that you visit my site http://www.seotopfuel.com and let me show you the world through the eyes of Google and beyond. For those who are ready to embrace change, I am excited to take your company and website to the next level of SEO & Smart Internet Advertising.  Thank you for stopping by and in closing,  please comment below on your companies issues stemming from your website or a lack thereof… or better yet, call me now at 1-877-SEO-1998, and ask for Jim Gonzalez. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally.    

Posted by Jim Gonzalez