The founder of SEOTOPFUEL has spent over 30 years in sales, marketing, and advertising sales in various types of advertising mediums, both in business to consumer and business to business. The vast knowledge of his advertising background as well as his unique approach to search engine optimization stems from his tenure with each of the advertising firms he has worked for. His experience brings a wealth of insightfulness and understanding in Print, Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Online Marketing, Broadcast Television, Broadcast Radio, SEO, SEM, SERP, Conversion Optimization, and Web Development, all of which have groomed him to the forefront of his industry in his current position as CEO of SEOTOPFUEL.COM

CEO & Founder of SEOTOPFUEL L.L.C Jim Gonzalez, lives by a Creed which he encourages his employees to achieve.  “Be unique through a ‘Standard of Excellence’”. All employees are carefully interviewed and hired to embrace the understanding that SEOTOPFUEL is not a company which employs individuals who are easily satisfied. Our Customers are the reasons we are in business and as such, we must provide a valuable service, always staying ahead of the curve by seeking further knowledge and increased understanding in three key areas:  The Clients Perspective; Their Customers Perspective; and Search Engines Perspective, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our philosophy is to boldly declare metrics of success for any company desiring to make a foot print in the marketplace: Growth and Profitability, the foundation of any successful company

SEOTOPFUEL has worked with Fortune 500 companies, start up’s, and everyone in between. When you’re finally fed up with traditional marketing companies who are too conventional, and you now desire to work with a company who does more than come up with cookie cutter marketing plans, slap a price of service on it and call it successful, you are ready to take the next step and call SEOTOPFUEL.COM and let us bring your business to the next level of success.